Summer 2014 

What does it take to make it to the top level ? To become a professional surfer or to launch your own label of sport apparel ? For this summer session I talked to some women who decided to make something special out of their passion for sport. Either they are entrepreneurs and talk about their humble debuts in Brooklyn and ‘being friends with the UPS guy’ before getting some support from J.Crew or either they are champions travelling from Cape Town to Perth or Peru for Kite Surf or Surf competitions, they all are sport enthusiasts and happy to share some of their professional experience with you ! We discusses particpating to the next Volvo Ocean Race with Abby Ehler of Team SCA. We travel with Marie Desandre Navarre and Charlotte Consorti of team Sosh, both professional kiteboarders. And surfers Jilliam Demling x Karen Muligan (cofounders of Pret-A-surf) and Bianca Buitentag a member of RoxyPro surf team. We meet as well with Ibtisam Al Salmi and Nashwa Al Kindi women sailors, part of an innovative programme in Oman, … And much more. Wishing you the most beautiful summer !

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